Our Dirty Story

As Vice President of a water company back in 2006, one of my primary jobs was to test water for a living. Whether it was the bottled water in your hand, your municipality tap or the bottled coolers at your work place, I would run a test. The test was on what are called Dissolved solids, such as arsenic, lead, e-coli,cryptosporidium (gastrointestinal illness). Now sitting as a CEO Of a water company, I’m on a mission to tell you the story of my findings…

The deal is that drinking water is supposed to be pure and free of all contaminants. Pure water is defined as Distilled or Reverse Osmosis. Most water companies use a one or two stage filtration system that leaves behind containments. Reverse Osmosis is the four stage filtration system we use to remove all harmful chemicals and contaminants from the water that can pose a threat to human health. That’s it there is nothing hard about it. The rest is all HYPE.

Your body requires pure water, drink anything else and your body finds it hard to process. When drinking contaminated water the body will initially experience headaches and stomach aches leading on to gastric and bladder problems. If this were the case in countries like MEXICO you would automatically blame it on the water. Long term exposure to unhealthy water will affect the body with problems with the bladder, gallstones and kidney stones and long term exposure to lead will expose the body to high blood pressure, fertility problems, muscle damage and could even lead to brain damage and anemia in children.

It is Reverse Osmosis water that is given to aids and kidney patients as their bodies need the purest form of water due to being at a high risk from infection. If you were to visit a kidney dialysis center like I did here in Miami FL, you would be able to see the large tanks within the facility converting regular water to Reverse Osmosis water.

Say you were to use regular water rather than the recommended distilled water in your iron for a period of 6 weeks, your iron would be spitting out a powdery substance and stones due to high levels of lime. Give it a try, I did and the results were astonishing.

My testing blew me away. I couldn’t believe that the water that we consumers were paying for was full of harmful containments while we were lead to believe it was pure, spring or natural. As this issue did not sit well with me, I began on a crusade to educate and show people the facts about their drinking water thru a simple 5 min test that we run for free. I wanted to develop a company that would fix the problem and deliver pure Reverse Osmosis water to you in a cooler for your home and office and in a bottled form, ironically called Dirty Water. I figured if companies were going to call their water pure, clean, natural and healthy while knowing it wasn’t, then I could call my water which is free from all harmful contaminants, Dirty and you would come to know what it really is, a purest form of water.

Why are the existing companies not stepping up and processing water in this way already? It cost a little bit more to filter Reverse Osmosis commonly referred to as RO water. You and I as consumers have not been asking any questions and have not demanded quality; we have been drinking what is provided and believed in the hype. The FDA (Food and Drugs Association) which governs the water companies currently has very few guidelines set for bottled water, it does not require the water to be disinfected or be tested for parasites such as Cryptosporidium or Giardia, symptoms of which include, violent diarrhea, excess gas, abdominal cramps, and nausea which can happen in two days after infection.

My goal is to educate the public in the masses so that with the facts in hand you can make an educated decision about the quality of water that you choose to drink. For me money has never and will never be a motivating factor, and yes just like anyone else I like to have money, but I believe first and foremost in doing what’s right and the rest will take care of itself. I will live my life trying my uttermost to educate the public and will conduct tests on drinking water for anyone and everyone. In fact you can go to our site www.sobefizz.com and buy your own water tester, it comes with a scale on the back that tells you the score of the water you just tested, it’s as simple as that.

We as a company only produce RO water and you can get it via our websites, www.sobefizz.com and www.dirtywaterh2o.com Or frankly, buy it anywhere just get it inside the body and do it and let our water fill you with pure unadulterated goodness.

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